Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

14.11 Advocate

So...last night I sat in my living room around midnight and was watching the VMAs rerun...when I heard a very loud fight outside. I ignored it cause the first two floors of the building are rented out as the red neck inn. Then...I heard one distinct word..."faggot." The upper two floors of this building house about 10 of us faggots...and if a red neck on the first floor wanted to yell that word...he was in the WRONG building. I put my shoes on and walked out where I was met by my neighbors brad, jason, chuck, lamont and jeremy. Apparently a guest on the lower level had an issue over parking with Jeremy. As permanent residents we dont really give a whirly bird what they think...but they felt they were entitled to a parking spot. The conversation got heated and the red neck bleached out women was beating on jeremy's car window....then of course in true Carysle (my building's name) style we had multiple officers on the scene, called the building owner and had those people banned from the property. The red neck inn has said they no longer plan to renew their lease ...what a shame! I'll miss the sight of people lining the lower levels acting like its a porch in Harland KY where they and there neighbors can discuss the 3 Gs. God Guns and Gays. Since of course thats all that is important.
So...word to the wise for the hetero population....dont say "this was a nice place until you people took over." cause we will be quick to remind you that we've ruled this building for a decade. They've been there for 2 years.
And the thought of them leaving at the expiration of their contract in 3 years is...bitter sweet...we'll out wait them, but for 3 more years we have to put up with it.
I enjoyed playing the PR person for the gays. I got to speak to the cops on the issue...and when Jeremy was cuseing at the building owner on the phone I got delgated to take over that call.
During the arguement Jason yelled down at the people and they told him.."this doesnt concern you." "You call someone a faggot it concerns the upper half this building!" good one Jason.
Birds of a feather flock together.

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