Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

14:13 State Dinner

So Ron and I hosted our state dinner tonight for Doug and Anthony, and Derrick joined us afterwards for the cocktail hour.  Three freguent posters here that many are familiar with.  I think it went well, the night was a mix....of deep discussions, rehashing the old, looking towards the new, and just celebrating the opportunity to mingle face to face.

Of is a picture:

We also took my gold fish to the river where I lowered his bowl into the river, he swam out...did a circle and disappeared into the night.  So, I feel better cause he is on his own not dead, and now my tank is more in tune with the utopian society it was meant to be. 

Saturday night Ron and I also hosted my ex Brandon and his friend Alan from Nashville.  I like the notion that Ron is comfortable in this situation.  Further I like that Brandon and I are comfortable too.  It is nice to know that no matter what has been in the past, the people I have let the closest are still around.  And...of course a picture...was made but I have to crop it first.

Finally I got bored and made another fun pic.  I call it...."Beside Myself"



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