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Now I dont know about you all but I have a certain taste that I seekout with the guy I date.  The guy above...fits it.  Dark hair, eyes, nice lips...youthful....and gay living in Louisville.  :-)  I have my goals...stand back cause I am locked onto a target.

Honestly once the physical attraction is found...then comes the personal.  Will he embarass himself to try to make me smile?  Will each of us attempt to see what life can be like when you put another person ahead of yourself in the goal that at the end you'll have reached a better place for your being?

Love is patient.  Love is kind.  It does not boast, it does not seek its own.  How long does one have to be involved to feel love?  Can love ever be lost?  Lust maybe may fit into the place of love...but I dont believe love is something that can be created quickly...and no one can learn to love...just become content with resentment.  Love is indestructable.  I do feel that in my life I have truely Loved two people. 

Neither of these guys really probably know it.  With each I have known for 4 or 5 years.  My heart still skipps a beat when they are mentioned.  And i found myself thinking "Don't look so happy to see him." last time I crossed paths with one of them.  I care enough about them to always keep my heart near...but also...for some reason....?  maybe because I dont want to spoil this feeling....I dont pursue them.

Well...maybe our newest and greatest target will find this place in my heart...and maybe I will find it in theirs?  Just think how powerful two people in love can be?


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