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14:19 Week in Review

I havent been on recently...been running raged with company goals this week. Someone had the bright idea to committ that all our stores would have some product line ready in it, course the goal was WAY to lofty and ended up at least in just my area costing about 2000 in salaries to my friends.
People on the take were Ron, my Brother, Derrick, Brian the Bartender and my friend visiting from Florida. Ron made off like a bandit with about 900 this week. But I got four voice mail messages singin praises of my initative and hardwork from several people above me. So...even while I hate my job, it at least for this week loves me. My area was one of an extreme few that actually hit the goals the boss's boss set.
This week I should finally be wrapping up all the loose ends of these damn resets and return to my normal life again. I think Ron and I are going to cash in my hilton honors points and visit Canada in the next couple weeks.
Arty came down and visited this Saturday night. We took somewhere over a hundred pictures so, once we get them sorted I'll post a gallery of sorts.
I cant sleep. I dont know what the reason is I just attacked my desk chair in my bedroom cause I felt that someone was in my room. Ever since my run in with that buglar I've found myself leaving on more lights and looking over my shoulder as I walk around at night. It is kinda annoying.
The house is in complete and utter disarray. I havent had enough time to really do much around here. I need to focus on my "office" more so now called the dirty clothes room.
Well...thats all for now. I think I am going to find a secure location in the house to sleep and wait for the day to over take the night.

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