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15:03 Some pics in Retro...and a night out.

So here are some late addition pics from a previous weekend out...

Lyza's mother says she'll kill me if I give her any more hickies.

Interesting pose in the back there...

Licking what?

So we went out to the bar...(this time budgeted)  Had a fun time till we tried to leave the bar but one friend who sponsored another friend was trying to leave with us.  (when your under 21 you can enter the bar but someone over 21 has to sign in as responsible for your actions)  So simply we found another over 21 sponsor.  But the door guy tonight decided he wanted to play King of the Door and say we couldnt do that..even if we paid for the reentry as if they hadnt been there.  SO....I just walked over to the General Manager and asked him who said problem.  Well....Door King turned into a Bitter Queen and said I went over his head and got really bitchy slaming stuff and telling me to get out of his face.

I tried to explain that we meant no harm, and it wasnt personal...I guess when you decide tobe personally motivated at the bar, you take it personal when someone is smart enough to take it above ya.  Anyhow...some of us went back I stayed home to avoid escalation.  Learning point is important to know who can and will say yes.

We had several people back tonight after the bar and it was pretty refreshing cause we had some new blood injected into the night. 

So...I am going to spend next week in Frankfort/Lexington mostly.  But I cant stay at my all important Hilton Family of hotels.  Church of Christ convention...ughh!!!  So I am stuck with a room at the Best Western...but to match what I usually spend I got the King suite with the wet bar...we shall see how that goes.  Annoying to me cause now I dont earn the points I wanted towards future hotel stays.  I am 2 nights away from being upgraded from a "Silver VIP" to "Gold VIP"...I like keeping my business with one company so that the power of my dollar is really recognized.  That and I am a creature of what I know and am used too....I live in Louisville, same apartment for 5 years, same resturant, same o same o....or well....its my comfort zone I suppose.

Go to JibJab and check out the animated cartoons about the election.  Cute.


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