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15:8 I think it is wrong, but I accept your choice.

Welp it is Sunday evening I am tutoring Ron on a very important computer assignment, running your own island.  Love that game...Tropico!  :-)
Anyhow my cats if you ever have met them are beyond needy now.  Since I was gone for a week they've been down right demanding of human interaction.  It is sweet but come on...lay off!
Last night Ron and I drove to Nashville to check out the new gay bar there.  Luckily I have my ex-Brandon down there to serve as our tour/hospitality guide.  Was a really nice treat.  Around here there is JUST "Connections" basically.  Sure it is big and I'm glad we have something like it, but it is nice to break free from the humdrum exactly the same saturday night and see what else is in the world.  Nashville ironically also has been ruled by the same bar ... Connections of Nashville.  Welp, we went to Play AWESOME LIGHT SYSTEM!!!  PROPS!!!  The walls changed color, like they were water or something.  Very not connection.  Course we saw some of the old drag queens, the old manager from there is a bartender here... who apparently have jumped ship, I asked Brandon's friend Mike what Nashville Connection was like now..."2.5 people"  I was like yikes....wild to me, never seen this bar anything but the leader.  Only problem...

Indulge me...

I personally dont see why they cant be like everyone else.  They have to think they are special, demand special rights and then flaunt it in my face in public.  I mean...straight people make the choice to live such an unhealthy lifestyle and while I am tolerant of their choice I don't want them coming into my back yard and forcing me give that kind of mockery of god's plan any affirmation.  It is part of know....Str8 Agenda.  I am so worried that one of them is going to like, take a child and force them to be like that. 

Seriously now...all these str8 people came out...and as Ron and I were watching the show...they as they spilt out of their tight black clothing enveloped our table and were extremely rude.  We had been waiting for the show and now I am forced to look around this woman who needed to be jazosizing not drinking.  I mean they are so onto of us that this guy takes a sip of his beer and some of it drops on my head as I had been sitting at the table.  They are reaching over us...I feel a drink spill on my shoulder and then one bumped into the table and spilt her drink on it, while her boy friend deposited his trash.  HELLO TRASH.  So Ron trying to be the knight in armour begins to voice his concern towards them with a loud "Excuse me"...I hushed him and was like they are only gonna get pissed. 
You see...I knew what to do.  I pulled out my ciggarettes and lighter and just began to what I call....fog.  I leaned over to Ron and said "Secondhand smoke kills!" Ron cuts me off and correctly fills in "I'm counting on it." this plume of smoke was slowly climbing through the canopy of hetrosexuality.  Just like a roach bomb going off I cleared us a path to see, got the people out from all around us.  I just smoked more when they closed back in. :-)  lol...

Our waiter was FLAWLESS!  And we had a great night walking around together, just us...hand in hand.

Now enter into the return to Louisville.  I am back in the real life and expecting another week of lengthy travel.  Wednesday I kick off for Jasper IN, then on to Owensboro and Thursday night in Paducah.  Wake up...and dash to Marion, IL. again and then find my way back home the 5 hours away I am.  This is the final, LAST....end of my resets.  No more...back to doing what I excelled in....nothing.  I'll get myself together and go out to the bars of Louisville that weekend and enjoy the costume Ron and I have picked out.:-)

Now...on with the day!



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