Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

15:10 The rest of the story

Alrighty so here is the update.

Saturday wasnt Halloween but felt like it should have been considering it was smack dab in the middle of the weekend. Our local gay bar ...I think just attempting to make a bit more money... said it would celebrate on Sunday, since they are dead that we did what any sane person would do and went out both nights.
Saturday was a bit of a blur. Peter Pan(yes in tights) and tinkerbell came over to our Boyscout den 5 meeting and from there about 6 of us went out to a fun night that left me laughing uncontrolably when a serious conversation was invaded by a stripper standing on the bar wagging his junk in our faces. No one flenched and the conversation continued as if this organ wasnt being flexed in our was too much for me and I just had to laugh it off for like 5 minutes, mostly because no one acknowledged this expectionally had happening. I came home and crawled into Ron's bed while the party was still going on and passed out.
Sunday Arty, Chris, and Nate came down from Bloomington and we ended up having 8 of us out. All looked good, and after half of us entered the costume contest and none of us actually bothered to show up I lead an excursion to White Castles where I spent most of my time talking with a vietnam vet , now turned self proclaimed bum. The conversation was started by my boy scout uniform, he went on to say at my age he was in some airborne division and lost more than he gained from that experience, how I should never join the military..and how war is never won by anyone. I gave him 5 dollars, I never give money to people but to me...I saw wisdom and humanity from someone whom the world had forgotten because he hadnt forgotten his loss. Lyza called me a politician, you know...I like that. I came home and tried to interact with the Bloomington Boys but unfortunately I had to add throwing up to my agenda and then passing out.
Monday started late, Bloomington had already flew the lair, I went to a normal work day...and we debated the on coming election as I dropped off my car to get fixed. Problem....was that whoever did my brakes last forgot to put some stupid bolts back in...(me and Ron) and it was solved as of this morning.
I went and voted. Sadly, I noticed the office of Metro Council District 4 is not up in 2 years, but rather the reason I hadnt heard much about it was because our rep was running unopposed. So...I voted for him. I voted str8 party. But I took the time to go down each office and fully color in the dot next to every democrat, just so I could enjoy a mini-republician bashing.
So...go Kerry! We will win. Sadly, Kentucky is changing its constitution to discriminate against its citizens in the form of marriage. Oh can take away any hope of marriage in KY, but you cant take away someone's commitment to another.

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