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Went groccey shopping yesturday....and guess whom I ran into...David. Love on aisle 10. We walked around together grabbing stuff and swapping stories. Still the essence of life he provokes.
Passed the flu finally. Went to work...a guy asked me to put the internet on a floppy disk. He was holding a green in a stroke of Mattness I informed him that it was incompatible because green floopies only hold pictures of plants....hence the color. And that he needed a color coded floppy that was internet compatible. He walked out sad...and I rolled my eyes with the background noise of sales people who over heard us talking laughing. Gateway told me I needed an internet colored floppy...i can see him now explaining that to Best Buy. Let them deal with him. I told my manager I want entrance exams to be given to people at the door and those that failed are denied computers.
I am off to bed...then to work...I'll fill ya in laters on life as we know it.

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