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15.16 Car go Bang! Head hit Bag!

So I go the call at 4:20 to drive and pick Ron up from work. My car has been at Tires Plus as they continue to work (for the past month on and off) to balance the tires and align the wheels. So I hopped in Ron's car and meandered up to his work. We set our course to pick up my car at 5, but didnt make the 10 min. drive in time or in his car.
I was showing him the job posting I was so excited about. Provider Relations Representative, doing the same thing I do now just visiting doctors and representing an insurance HMO rather than Home Depot and factories.
Somewhere about the sametime a father picks up his son from school they probably ran to the pick truck since it was raining hard and had been all day. They set fourth on their journey home but never made it on time, or in their truck.
We aproached the intersection of Eastern Pkwy and Baxter it was routine and we were just passing through on Eastern Pkwy, they approched the intersection from Baxter planning to turn left onto Eastern Pkwy but apparently the light ahead signaled he should stop and wait, but it is rush hour now so speeding into the intersection and taking the hard left turn became the plan.
I just remember a couple still pictures in my head. First a red pick up truck a car length in front of us hydroplanes from a turn eastbound through the oncoming traffic lanes directly in front of us into our westbound lane. I try to swirve, I try to stop...I realize to brace myself and lean back turning head to the right and feel the car spinning and the second shot was seeing a cloud of white fill the car as both air bags project into our faces. Both vehicles driven by inertia move parellel and fishtail into each others side driving each further from their intended course.
The car now rests 90 degrees off from its original direction blocking the two west bound lanes of traffic, it was cloudy in the car and my door doesnt work anymore. I tell Ron I cant get out, he opens his door and tells me it is okay. I can see the truck in front of us now stopped in a parking lot off to the side pointed the same direction we are...pointed in a 180 degree angel from the original course he had been on. I crawl across the car out of the passenger side. Immediately calling 911. No one was hurt to the point that we needed an ambulance, the police arrived after sometime...long enough to allow the water to beed off my hair and for traffic to back up as far as I could see. I had walked into the street while traffic was stopped and kicked the large peices of glass and metal from the road way. By 6:30 we walk into the Tire Store dropped off by a taxi, went out for a drink and went to bed at had been a draining evening and both our necks are stiff. Ron's front end is half as long as it used to be and the drivers side is banged up. It is probably totalled. A fedex driver was delivering packages and looked at the car and said to me "did everyone get out of that one?" Pluming cigarette smoke I nodded to the affirmative. "I'm just glad this guy is okay, he is my life." claimed the father as they walked away...I thought to myself, maybe you should drive like that then. The taxi driver picked us up and backed up to rejoin traffic and noticed a mash of metal behind and said "Wow...look at that car!"
Last night as I lay in bed with Ron I imagined a worse end. What if either of us opened our eyes and saw the cloud of white around us, looked to ourside and didnt see the other. What if one of us had kept going forward out of the car onto the pavement. What if I lay in bed tonight alone. I almost cried, wrapped myself around him, kissed him and was thankful.

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