Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


That site is hilarious, I must admitt I got word of it from Derrick. car sucks. They forgot to put on the oil cap last week and I noticed yesturday when I was cleaning my windows as I drove down the interstate that I had an oily substance on my windows and side mirrors....came to find out that was the oil ... all over the place. It was dripping from my wheels. So in another rental. Thinking with my corporate rate I am going to start renting cars from now on for long trips. Say I drive 330 miles in 3 days...after mileage I think I am out twenty bucks....but prolly worth it to shave hundreds of miles a week off my car.

Ron is in bed and I think I am going to get back to sleep and take an early nap. Toodles all.

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