Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

15:20 Things they are a changing

So I was driving about today just with this inner peace and joy. No particular reason...just sitting in my car and feeling like everything was good and what I wish to accomplish is easily avilable.
Fish...remember when I only had 3 guppies? the past month the population has swelled from like 15 to over 50. I had two births this week, each one averaged about 13 new babies...add that to the 16 babies I already had and then add that to the 15 adults...I am overflowing with kids. of my fish looks like she is ready to explode some more within the week. I think I need a new add to the 40 gallons of tanks already in here.
I may have a new job. Ikon called me and scheduled an interview for a position I applied for recently. I think its more money, more my thing...still offers freedom and all around a good match. Ikon is one of the most admired companies to work for...and it isnt a secret that Marshall Associates isnt where I want to be.
I am going to nap some, catch up with you all later. Tonight is supposed to be a night of Ronand me having friends over and it is shaping up to be stellar.

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