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15:24 being thankful and thankless.

So anyhow I have some updating to do...last time we discussed my phone interview. So Tuesday came and I was scheduled to interview with IKON at the PNC Bank Tower here in town when I got a voice mail from my Marshall Associates boss. His main points:
1. I don't work hard enough.
2. I am not as organized as I came to be.
3. It is unaccepted that in these past three weeks and next week I have only been in my rural stores 1 time. I need to travel more and meet the deadlines and goals they have.
4. I shouldn't be surprised when I get a low score on my review.
5. I shouldn't be surprised that my bonus is very small.

To say the least it outraged me. I waited to reply because I knew the interview ahead would affect my future dealings with them. The interview started smoothly, filled out papers and sat back with the Louisville and Indianapolis manager and we discussed my past and future. We talked for 2 1/2 hours! I dont think you talk to a person you arent interested in for that long. And that was rushing it since I was still working for Marshall's. Main points he ended describing what his company is and wants with 2 of the 3 words I used to describe myself. I felt that was an unconscience affirmation that he already felt that I'd be the perfect match but was waiting for the background checks and such.

Fueled by the growing chance that I am facing a job transfer that will leave my life changed in a manner that means 1. More Money. 2. Less Hours. 3. Only local travel. 4. Better benefits. 5. Respect. 6. A local office...I called Mark at Marshall's back. Before I did it I made a point by point list to help me leave a long but well hitting message. My main points:
1. He stirred the pot and shouldnt have been unprofessional in leaving that message.
2. I completely disagree with him and will make it known in Chicago. No point in further discussion on the matter cause I am not changing my position that Marhshall's has gotten at least more of me than what they could get from half the others.
3. I have delivered proven sales increases beyond any other territory, but that obviously isnt our companies goals. Rather Marshall wants to make sure forms are filled out instead of products promoted.
4. They are poorly organized and its hard to hear 11 voice mails, retaining store numbers and tasks with out a copy to return to later. I have attempted to shore up their poor policies and make them workable.
5. I have never told him NO when he has asked me to do something other than the expected. Such as give up weekend nights, grab friends to get their issues resolved due to low staffing, driven unexpected attheir request out of town after a days work with only a couple hours notice to work into the night.
6. I wouldnt expect a big bonus from such a cheap and poorly managed company anyhow.
7. My time over 40 hours for the next year will be based on their bonus. No bonus from them, means not to expect anything more than the required of my time.

Can't wait to tell him..."Mark I was just reading my job description and I didnt realize you all meant you wanted a BITCH. Sorry but I need to put in my notice."

Moving event on Tursday sucked. My fam. is SO dramatic and the issue of drinking was brought up by the Prohibitionist leaded by my mother who really isnt part of my life outside of holiday events, and then the majority lead by me who were in support of individual responsiblity. It ended basically when I returned from the liqour store and caught the nondrinkers hiding the fact that they were drinking. So I was over the people (republicians) who can't walk their talk but want to inforce it over me.

Past couple days been enjoying my holiday time off and sleeping. Not out to the bar tonight cause Ron just got his laptop (same one I have) and we have our Chicago trips just ahead. I am gonna start focusing on laundry soon. Slept all day and loved it! Ron got me up for dinner which he cooked very well...then cleaned the kitchen while I slept till 10. :-) Lucky me!

I leave for Chicago in 2 days, other than the purpose of the trip and the majority of my time being at Marshall's I am looking forward to the city!

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