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15:29 Nothing is exactly right....Ebay

Stayed in this weekend.  I am experiencing a life changing educational experience.  I have noted on here before that Death is an element I have never personally had to deal with, I am 26 and have never been to a funeral.  In my family I have 7 aunts (all lunatics but in a good well kept anti-depressant way) who switch out husbands more often than me.  I mean the elders in my family brought their boyfriends to the thanksgiving dinner, figured since Ron and I are much more stable than them it wouldnt be worth discussion there. (it wasn't btw) BUT...I do have 2 uncles who have been in my family since I was born.  They are the stabilizers, respectable old world gentlemen that you genuinely enjoy talking too.  Terry and Bill are the exceptional in this clan.  Terry sweet as can be (not too stable as she is on disability from her breakdown at work) relies heavily on the calm hand of my uncle Bill.  Sadly, I found myself at the hospital hugging Terry trying to explain to her in the right terms with the situation in mind...that one of the BEST was being taken from our family.  Bill has been battling a rare blood disease which attacks his immune system, and even as the insurance people left the room after finalizing with him all his business affairs he was consuling Terry who was breaking in and out of sobs.  Exceptional...your on your death bed and the most important thing to you is to arrange everything you can in advance to help your wife whom few of us consider strong enough to endure losing the center peice of her life.  They've been together since high school....this is assy to say, but why wouldn't life take a lesser connected couple apart?  Why do we have to lose the support in life that we have come to expect.  I mean if my step father were in this situation ... Yes, I'd be sad for my mother but I also know that she would be over the mourning by morning.  (few people like my step father as he is a bit of a bigot, yuppy, arrogant...and odd man).  Thats the randomness I suppose that I am learning, we dont get to pick who goes and comes.  I actually prayed with the many visitors there which I havent done in years.  I figured whether it is for god or not, I will close my eyes and bow my head for my loved ones.  So few of us can imagine what she is facing (terry) in this day and world we dont build long relationships ... she has put so much time into being a couple and now before they could enjoy their retirement they are cheated.  I always pride myself on having quick come backs and knowing what to say....but as I feared this situation is one in which all I can do is hold people and touch them saying how much I love them.

I have bronchitis (some infection) too is annoying.  Bloody green mucus just isnt the most attractive thing to spit out.  I'm on antibotics, missed 2 days last week at work (hate them anyhow) plus I have an arsenal of Zicam...(saw a commercial and like some grey haired lady ran out and bought it.)  Passed on to Ron my preventitive ideas to help him avoid it.  I dont really have time to be we shall see.  I know I am traveling most of this week for work so we shall see.

My family is experiencing its usual inner stepfather and those who arent him.  My sister has banned him from any family event at her house, and I called my mother to tell her I would not be participating in Christmas with them this year, I told her I wanted to spend it with family.....which he isn't.  He lost most of his default family approval when he said me and my brother were lazy ( he is currently on his 6th month of unemployment and got a $250,000 life insurance policy on my mother!!!)  Which isnt alarming if you don't know his first wife committed suicide/accident after he had insurance on her.  See was over come in the garage by the fumes of her car.  ODD....Instead I have made reservations for XMAS in Chicago at the Drake Hotel.  :-) 

I think I need to check into the Betty Ford Center for Ebay. I just sent the following email to someone selling a laptop.(skip the blue text and just take my word I am spending too much time on this Ebaying..... "Hello this is less of a question more of a suggestion. You mentioned that this is the 7th time you’ve listed this laptop on ebay and I (former gateway employee) just wanted to point out to you a couple things. I was searching this listings I already have 2 gateway laptops and was searching for a third to give my brother. You didn’t note your model number which is really handy to people to be able to figure out exactly what they are bidding on. Since I have experience with this product I know it is a 450 series, you’ve listed the screen size as 16” and 15.7” in your posting ( 450 series comes with a 15” screen). That probably is causing some confusion. Also your starting bid is $2500. That’s 500 more than a brand new 450XL that comes with more memory, better graphics, and a larger hard drive among other things. I always check and compare those aspects before bidding. Your shipping rate of $100 of course is rather high on here as well, shipping a 6 lb laptop with UPS NEXT DAY AIR across the country would only be $58. Even with the extended warranty ( $150?) it is cheaper to buy this new from Gateway than to be the opening bidder on your product. I just wanted to point these out to you simply because I am seriously looking within the ebay community and just stumbled upon your listing. Good luck and I hope you find better luck in your next listing. Just trying to be helpful. Sincerely, Matthew

So anyhow as ya know I have sold like 6 things on there already?  I have my computer and 17" LCD on it now...hoping to generate 700 dollars to fund my need for a 40 GB MP3 Juke Box Player...course I know they arent 700 but if I have that I have no need for my desktop since I live on my laptop.  Sadly...I noticed another laptop I previously have spoken of....the M675 by Gateway is a wet dream for a computer nerd/ rejected Gateway employee.  So debating the thought of buying it and misappropriating funds to cover it while I sell my current laptop.  I honestly think I could make a living on this site.  I'd LOVE that chance.  I am abandoning the notion of selling my 42" Plasma screen, just watched a smiliar one go for $1,500 and that isn't worth it to me.  Oh well...its all very interesting.  (I am also the winning bidder on a duplicate laptop that I already have just cause I think the price is extremely good...I have no use for it)  SO....I am obviously in it way too

I am signing off and I'll save my bitching for good!   Also a song that I have recently come to love....(if you didnt listen to easy as life from last week you suck...just cause you aren't enjoying the music) Everytime you Need Me
Oh....and dont bother I have decided to rebell against spell check tonight.  Just ignore the typos.

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