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Merry Xmas all. Today I spent the day pampering....funny how some personal time can recharge life. :-)
I feel like a million bucks! I am gonna set two goals on my agenda.

1. Focus Love Interests. I am dissaryed...after the fall of the 6th dynasty I have allowed myself to become over stretched and over promised. I think I shall do the following...shot for the relationship building I need with a guy that has been so near for 4 years now...but not to be caught empty handed if it fails I am off to the bar with the mind set to walk up to a boy I introduced myself too a month or so ago to ask him out for myself and not for a friend. I just remember walking up to him and thinking...damn that is a face you can't pass up looking into. AND...until I find him, I am gonna do something unlike me lately....I am going to dance all night. Screw sitting at the bar playing cards with I have I been thinking!!! I am a social being, who excells when the attention of the bar hits me. This is all egotistical....but I remember the days gone by when I danced shirtless on the box with the row of hot guys and people throughout the night came up to say hello....that has been lost since I took a backrow seat.
Backrow...WHY???? I mean nothing about me has changed since those days except my allowance to allow myself to have fun. I am growing old I guess...still look the same, but too reserved. I am going out this holiday and showing that Matt Leffler is back...the maturity still stands...but this will be my ball, <dusts off those dancing shoes and calls a drag queen on the phone to arrange a night like it once was in 2000. I might have lost my partner in crime Brandon since those days....but the fanfare can still be abundant. Brandon said to me about 7 months ago "Remember when we were the party...we ruled this place." Somewhat delusional yes...but in essence we were the cutest couple in my mind and we had the time of our life and were the envy of the rabble crowd. It is time to regain that magic. :-) Your all on notice...Matt is recapturing the fun in his past. To borrow a cute quote....we are putting the F U back in fun. :-) I think I was so reserved lately cause I have been trying to be a calmer, quieter person...and that isnt me. 2. Along these lines....I once was a dreamer. The only thing that limited my day was the hours in it. I am thinking it is time to run for city council again...and this time...with the knowledge of the last time, and the financial stability of the is time to again find my mic and tell my thoughts and sale my beliefs. Thats the weird this posting I have remembered...I am NOT the quiet, go to work, be sensible guy I have tried to portray. Honestly I think after a couple of the latest relationships I have been trying to portray that I am acting my age...MY AGE is 25 and damnit guess what I may not drive this car, or I may not have this grade but the end of the day...I will be able to say I stood up for what I believed and I had more fun than 99% of the people on this earth. That was alot of my years at WKU...I was the leader of controversy staging protests, benefit dinners...and I was in my element. SO...I think I will run officially starting next month for city council again...this time using my student aid money to match the cash I raised last time on day one. SO....the old is brought back...dusted off...and the new is tossed aside.

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