Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

17:1 Ends in life are only beginings

A new year.  Mine began much like each one before since 1998.  I was at Connections with my friends drinking, dancing, worrying about the future and revisiting the past.  Reflection is amplified when you run into several people who long ago made a mark in your memory whom you have for whatever reason sailed apart from.
It wasn't my year in review.  It was my gay life in review.  Good to see so much of it brought me a smile. you know I quit my job.  I am dragging my feet with joining up at Decker College.  They recently made news about not being "fully" accredited.  Which worries and assures me at the same time.  Assures in the weird twist of Sonata University.  As you know I decided if others can do it (apparently even Decker, Spencerian and Bellarmine...all local colleges here) sell educations for a profit without really being fully accepted. is awake.
In the meantime Marshall's didn't direct deposit into my account any last pay.  Maybe it is being mailed, maybe it is being held until they receive the items in my possesion.  Unfprtunately I have about a thousand dollars in expenses I need to be reimbursed for and have no plans to return anything until we get an understanding of how they intend to end this financial aspect.
But rent is due.  :-)  With money tied up in their asshole world, my future job in a sketchy haze, and an apartment I can't afford I made the tough decision to put my worshipped plasma TV on ebay.  I will miss the view a porno offers at 42".  :-)  I looked around my house and thought that item is the single peice of pride in my possession.  Darn it! 
SO IF YOU WANT A TV...look for 3175Matt...I just hope that I don't pull a Sally Field's "not without my baby" when it leaves...
Ron is good.  We have matching bands on our fingers.  Isn't that an entry I missed typing on a couple days ago.
My new years resolution was not to be living in Louisville next new years.  Course I can't recall last years.
DOUG...when you called I was like hey cool how are you?  Then...several days later I went to the post office to pick up some items and found out you had sent XMAS greetings.  Thank you.  I feel like an ass now because you probably thought I didnt notice them when you called. 

In this picture I have my love by my side, and we are flanked by almost 20 years of friendship.

Anyhow...It is Sunday morning and I slept most of Saturday away.  Now I need to crawl in bed and attempt to break into Sunday.  Catch you soon.


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