Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


My how time flies! Anyhow here is the world's update:

Sold the plasma TV for 1700. Money is in hand and rent is made. Yeehaw!

University has graduates. Scary enough I know but at present we have 8 orders to
fill. I am continuing to review all the logistics of the idea and have
reinvested most of the funds made back into the program. So to date Sonata is
supporting itself.

Decker College and I had another interview and they didn't like my lack of
enthusiasm. When asked if I wanted the job I said "I'd like to give it shot." So
they told me to go home think about it and call them if I am interested in doing
more than just a shot. I figure they lack accreditations even while they claim
they do (unfortunately the nightly news disagreed with their statement). Since
rent is paid, and Sonata is providing incoming funds I am slow to respond.

Ron has a new roommate. Here is the dynamic duo.

Cleo, Ron, and Keith

We went out Saturday

And Sunday

Had a gay ole'time.  And as I mentioned once before a long
time old friend moved back to Louisville whom I hadnt seen in over a year. 
Well an emotional tsunami hit when he walked up and said Hi...knocking all sense
of time and place.  I quickly reached out and grabbed the hand of my
husband from the waters and went on with the night. David is a great guy and I
hope we can become strong friends again.  Ron asked how I felt about him (david)
and I thought for a second and reminded him he had left me already in life. 
Why gamble on an investment which has already almost disappeared when you have a
pot of gold already in your reach?  David will always command attention
from me without his knowledge, but Ron will continue to be the focus of so much

And now I have some sleep to get too.  I must leave you
with the wishes of good cheer upon your time in this the new year.


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