Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

18.2 Ouch

I cooked dinner.  Directions didnt call for my finger but I threw it in!  :-)  Damn this smarts!

Welp, unfortunately it seems I have enjoyed too much time to myself this month and sonata while performing in a profitable state isn't cutting the bills it needs too.  Stupidly I suppose I gambled a bit and spent money I should have directed towards other avenues on this hair brain idea.  Now it seems I will possibly be setting in a very fluid scenario.  If I have a moment to move to Chicago I don't know of anything more fitting:

1. Single with prejudice.

2. Unemployeed in KY as Decker is shadier than Sonata.

3. No apartment in KY. Probably moving as my landlord plans to file for the eviction of my late rent tomorrow morning.  ( I am late this month.  Thats it after five years of living here. )   I almost want to stick a finger in their face but I am trying to watch these digits lately.

4. I have no plans to call my family...rather just pack up and wave the white flag.

Only one way to go, maybe time will make it right.  I know life aint over.


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