Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

18.8 And the money came rolling in

Is a cute line from Evita. Oddly Sonata is experiencing some STRONG showing. With $220.00 sold in TWO days I am finding myself busier and busier...obviously it is nothing like getting up in the am and going to work for eight hours, but then at over a hundred dollars a day I pretty much think this wild idea has taken shape. Keith and I spent hours last night reviewing state laws and trying to determine our next possible become licensed in a state and then continue to build the brand and product.

The 800-921-3587 number is getting interesting as well. I finally got to the sub mail boxes and started leaving a small greeting. :-) I also added the option that certain boxes will forward calls to the actual person now. So for instance...if you called that number and dialed 8 and found me in the directory, or you just dialed 706 I have the option to answer. Probably will never answer as I dont have much time with this whole thing to nit pick with individual students.

Sonata Grads are pretty dumb. Almost annoying..(no it is) how they can barely fill out the online form we use to link all their stuff together. Stupid questions so far:
1. Does the degree have to include the word sample in red letters as shown in pic?
2. Feliciah Cole is a mess. Nothing attached to her name has been easy. 3 majors, finally got her on ONE of them...then she has Houston Community College calling me at the 800 number after her transcripts. Why does a 2 yr college want a 4 yr college's student records?? :-) ughh...
3. Asking us if we can work with the VA to accept Army college money. Over a 50 dollar degree.
4. Demanding I submitt a students records to the Belgium Education Ministry for them before they ever grad. I just got in a fight with them and then said "Admission Status: Denied" she is bitter.

Long story short the University is on track to gross nearly 4000 for Feb. and we are already looking into using it's success to fund a "real" start up college.

Who said I didn't have an idea here? is over producing all around.

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