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3:14 cause the second 3:12 should be 3:12 :-) Xmas party I be free from. 50% through the ceremony of XMAS...100% through the retail...and I made a VERY smart decision tonight.
Jason my next door neighbor that I have alot in common the point I find myself about every time I go out wondering why I dont ask him to go out to the bar as I talk to him half the him and he is off doing laundry...thats something that I like...I ask...and someone prepares. Not the most recent world of ...I ask..and wonder. Screw the wondering folks...why they figure out what they want in life I'll move several spaces ahead on the board game of life. idea what is into me ... but I feel like I was driving down the highway of life at 45 miles an hour...and then suddenly a crazy grin hit me and I stepped on the gas and don't care anymore who I pass...I have somewhere I wanna go! you sit at your respective homes...know I am not. And ... as my away message indicates: I am out capturing the flag. You can sit at home and be bored or you can meet me somewhere between here and LIFE. :-) It is our time, and there is no dress rehearsal to Living, a new drama that I am playing in.

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