Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Yes...I am a tad bitter now. But I could have done with less wondering...

Stupidity is doing something the exact same way over and over expecting different results.

So Ron and I are definitely NOT getting back together.  He sat there and came up with a third and fourth story about a night I had wondered about even while I had the one calls from sprint printed......and I had checked the network activity on the router the night this happened.   5:34 to 5:51pm this number and him played phone tag 4 times!....oddly while I was out of the house from 5:30pm to 6:30pm 
And upon return was invited to go to a movie he had planned for weeks ... with his roommate.  Perfect way to get rid of us, too bad we stayed at my place.

502 435 9460

Dances across the page in such a way that anyone could see why I had been suspicious.  He still claims he was sleeping ... with no witnesses since he locked his front door and roommate out.  He even when shown that he called his voice mail 2 or 3 hours before he "woke up" .... then he said it must have been a missed
call.....funny.  His call at midnight was "missed" dialing out....for 5 minutes....and in another room to boot!   Besides he offered me to look at his phones call log....I wonder if he knew the delete button isn't rocket science?

What is the point?  All over this almost a year relationship he has claimed such a high and mighty status...but always defending times when it looked very much like their was a problem for us.  But after he sat there and told me he was home, accidentally locked in, alone, not online.....and making calls to everyone but the guy who his computer connects to the network with....and the phone with my name
on the bill by his ear.  He was missing for several hours...See he wanted to get back together...and I needed to see whether he was full of shit or I was just too quick to judge.  I never lied to you....he kept saying all the while...I guess it was everyone else included the phone company?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don't be a total retard and when faced with the obviously try to convince someone it is something it is not.  This walked like a duck, and looked like a duck.....after the final eye to eye denial I figured out it was a duck since he even quacked like one.  If you think your building a good should really enjoy being single and dating the same high class double wide value meal people you seem so perfect to date. 

I AM FREE NOW.  WITH NO TIES TO A GUY WHO CAN LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND SAY "I LOVE YOU" THEN Argue to the end that reality somehow was wrong.

When your relationship is nothing more than a chore for you to tell the truth when there is nothing happening, it sounds almost worst than a liar who has a reason.

I've been single for over a month.  It has totally sucked (mostly the sex deprivation) but half of me felt obligated to someone while the other half waited
for the jury verdict.  I think that is the key issue to me here.

If someone had said he had a date/fuck?, I would have wished them luck and friendship would grow.  But rather I had to correct him saying "we are not" in a relationship. 

You have to be honest with yourself and with those around you.  If your constantly in question ... who is to blame?  Annoyingly I
bought him a funny gift that arrives today I think?  I actually found myself remembering when his entering the apartment or his call was reason to call others about.  I sat in my car yesterday listening to "our song" and it made me think I was being stupid not rushing back into arms that were extended.  Even in our open relationship he never could have looked at me and asked who mine were extended for.  Now
I honestly associate him with looking at a person who will not agree that the sky is blue...and argues to the end the absurd.   Why so much energy over something so easy? say this, I felt that and this paper supports one of our theroies.  Sadly not the one that was there.


I do not care if anyone sleeps with any one.  That is of no concern to me.  What I care about is how honest you are.  PERIOD 


I'D RATHER HE HAD SLEPT WITH SOMEONE .... cause that way someone got some fun out of this!  Cause either way the issue at hand with me is how far you will go to cover yourself over NOTHING.  Your a fool if that
is the case.  I think I'd pick a cheating honest boy over a white lies angel.  At least the first one doesn't leave the issue to simmer and annoy you.  To me that is caring.


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