Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

18:13 SU Update back in December I decided I was going to create this crazy idea of a university.  Now that we are 2 and 1/2 months from that point here is where I sit....

  • - main site
  • - admin site
  • - site organizer
  • - sales site
  • - alumni services site
  • - seminary
  • - accreditor
  • as well as an additional 16 sub domains now create the Sonata University Sites. 

SU Ebay which has brought in a gross of $5,500 with 125 graduates in approx. 15 countries - this sales channel is serving a distinct purpose providing an eassy means to offer the item.  It also creates a nightmare when trying to educate all these idiots.  SO

SU Internet is the second phase which can use all of the existing sites as the university still.  BUT now we are going to have to do what ebay does .... generate the audience.

  • The existing sites do generate some traffic as well as the people alumni refer to us.
  • I cant put a big sign on the site saying buy now.  I'd lose all credibility.

Which is why:


Are now being devolped to promote the concept, and funnel the audience to Sonata.  BTW life experience degree was searched 21,000 times last month on yahoo.

The main reason for the shift in operation from ebay is that I am competing with inferior products but still have to price comparable to them.  The Sonata U packages are designed to meet or beat the packages sold currently for about $600 a peice.  I am basically giving away hundreds of dollars with each sale on ebay.

While creating this new module I intend to continue ebay.  So...this is going to get rough. 

The sites have now been upgraded with a help desk capable of allowing users to initial problem tickets, a section of the site is software devolped for offering courses online, a vast student resource site which is password protected. 


POINT....I should make about 40 to 50 K if I stop growing now.  BUT I am taking this beyond the realm of normal and so I am hoping to go further.  OH......and Sonata University is now beginning to offer REAL, classes.  Not for degree use but personal goals.  Yesturday the class for web site devolpment was inaugurated.  This may generate additional sales.

Sonata Gift items such as tshirts and ink pens are all selling now as well.  The product line is a very promising under served opportunity.


SO what is the end result here????????????   It is now my goal to have Sanford University (spin-off) fully licensed, and accredited university offering courses that will lead to bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science.  These two fields make up about 75% of all degrees sold by Sonata University.  AND...I want all of this up, running and teaching by December 2005.

Go team!




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