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....all of the links (FYI) open new browser windows.

Do you know what I realized last night as I was
working on my site? 
I need to ditch the school thingy since the money is shady and use it as the
center piece for a real business!

What do I do all day?  internet hosting and web
design of like 15 sites and working to promote them on the net!  I need to
just do that.  Derrick and I remotely looked into partnering up for
"" in January but we had no real portfolio or structure to back
us up. Plus I have learned alot about internet logistics and sales in these

So I think I am going to pass SU on into being an
example of what I can make...with help desks, protected student centers, sub
domains and promoting.  See another thing is that at this very moment I
have a vast wealth of web resources that obviously were meant to be resold and
not to appear to be multiple sites as a university.  I have 2 identical
hosting plans on server 2 and server 3 at this company.  I have a combined
220 GB of bandwidth (how much info I can send from the website to someone's
computer), 10 GB of space, unlimited ftp ,mysql, email accounts.  Heck I
have three platforms for web mail.  I can host with out any interaction 10
domain names each leading to separate web sites accessible only to the buyer, I
can further hold 40 parked domains and 40 sub domains.  Frontpage
extensions, Perl 99.9% uptime.  I have the capability of so much on the
software side it is insane.  AND I ALREADY HAVE THIS WITH NO ADDITIONAL

Web Commerce wise I have about 18,000 in personal
internet sales up from 0 in December.  I can build a site that sales
degrees I can build a site that sales real stuff!  Additionally think about
the existing traffic I now have with all of these domains?  This is why I
made the following sites....SOO....why have I not realized that I need to be
doing this for a living?????  I can buy domain names for less than $5 a
piece with no strings.  I've basically already gone through the trouble
anyone might find when creating a site!

So anyhow to address the new change I have (which will become
its own domain in a day or sell and administer the site.  Then to
promote and increase $$ I have
prepared to run banner ads for anyone who wants them
on any of the sites I own....or possibly I can pay to run the ads on the sites I

I have the sites, the power, the references, the
knowledge, the resources, and the time.  I now need to go out and find
people who want to sell on the net.  I think elance is calling and SOOO....lets
see how this goes?????


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