Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Everything is easy.

I want to make my own streaming music internet radio station.

Welp I am now going to begin inviting former sonata graduates to copy my school idea. Offering them the internet hosting, design and banner bundles including accreditation from the group that we made to accredit Sonata. Several of them are already copying it and this will just help me do what I like and help them do better. But honestly this route is a bore to me now. Sonata's end result is I am a mild expert on running a diploma mill over the internet and I took an initial investment of $60 and turned it into over $20,000 in 6 months. And an expansive web resources package on two servers. I use 2% of my bandwidth on server 2 and that is just wasteful.

Ron stayed his last night here yesturday. Selena had to bring up me hooking up with someone in an evil attempt to piss him off. Sometimes we see other people's weaknesses and we don't exploit them out of respect for even our enemies. We arent together so I make no apologizes but that was EVIL. She was like I didn't say it to hurt you Matt. BUT...she used me to hurt someone else! That warrents a nuclear hit back as if you Pearl Harbored me. We are still assessing the damage of my first strike and debating further deployment. Point blank...I love all my friends and exes hold a special denote in my life that if I feel the need I'll stand up for. Specially pisses me off if the threat is from what I felt was friendly territory. I told Ron that he shouldnt have let it phase him so much. But good going selena you succeeded in sending your target to bed in tears and making me feel embaressed.

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