Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

19:9 Proud

So let me attempt to explain something in the midst of Gay Pride here in Louisville.

If you want something to be an issue, make it one! And then vice versa if you do not want it to be an issue, don't make it one!

Gay Pride Picnics make being gay an issue. People dancing in front of cameras, parades proclaiming differences from the norm simply say "I AM GAY."

If someone asked me what I was...I'd say " I am Matt."

If you don't pick your sexuality it shouldn't be the defining character of who you are to others. It is as special as having green eyes or black skin.

We will never have equality ( no one caring ) about us being gay as long as we have queens, twinks and chicken hawks representing us at these stupid gatherings.

So when I ran for city council someone emailed me and asked if I was ashamed of being gay since there was no mention of it on my web site. I sat back and wanted to point out to him that none of the straight candidates had "I am str8" on their sites. So...why make an issue out of something that wasn't a defining characteristic of who I was? I didnt hide it, I also didn't proclaim it.

It is like being proud of my green eyes.

I haven't supported "Louisville Fairness" since the election. They are a group that passed a good law sometime ago but it is passed. Just like their usefulness and their mission. Now all they do is stir trouble pretty much. Sorry if I havent made it to your fundraisers. Plus they support straight candidates over multiple gay ones so apparently the mission is complete.


P.S. Rambling Roommate:

Selena called my ex Brandon and told him about me hooking up and how she was mad at me for getting pissed at the fact she brought it up to Ron. I called her up and cut her off in the speech and told her if she was anything but sorry for what she said she can pack up and get the fuck out. I don't need her spilling my life to the people I used to date. Totally inappropriate and really wearing a thin line to even less! Obviously to me I feel I can't trust her around me not to cause trouble if I allow her to see anything.

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