Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Noteable Shower Apithany

Actions not words are revelations of others motive.

So I had my interview yesturday at Nextel. I have very little interest in working there. The manager had poor manners. Acknowledging my wait to interview with him was hard to find. Just as hard to find as his store and equally hard to find was the reason I'd be pushing a cell phone provider thats biggest asset is a walkie talkie. Whats the point in that? Get a speaker phone and call the person if you want.

Friday is my interview with another company. Sorry I just have very little drive to see myself in a dead end employment crisis that festers in a city which only offers UPS hub package handler expansion. Each day that I seek self promotion I am acutely aware that maybe Louisville is a liability.

Today I am requesting a local Vonage Chicago number. This will provide the illusion of living there already and then I'll post that as my contact means for jobs. Why not live in a city that exhibits the same character as your home city yet offers 6 times the opportunities, love, fun and life? I may just learn the answer to that question and not find a reason warranting regret.

"Shatter." The most recent and least respected ex wants to chat. "Suffication" It is important I guess not to cut all communication with someone. "Sleuth" But lets not usher in a return to pre-Saturday's low defense and under estimated security levels. Actions and not words are the revelation to discover motives. While some may play on the words I have little time for such a blind check that is most likely guarenteed to bounce. "Emotional Theft by Deception" Actions have proven that her promises aren't worth the oxygen used to express. My cats have a better grasp of expression and acting upon it. "Gone"

"Scarlet" All the while remaining classy. While the home is in question, the advanceing plumes of your exes fires...I am remembering the advice given. "Graceful" I can't fall and the mediocre failure will deliver an Illionis zipcode. I am holding onto over a thousand dollars now that will be used either to support my efforts at 206 or promote my disappearance to 60611.

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