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Well....this may be the end of a chapter. Pages turn in life. And in my short time here I have identified 3 page tomorrow ushers in a new era of challenges and opportunity. for right now I have my hair cut, perfectly managed, my tan, a fabu cute outfit that suggests youthful energy and a touch of the class that is uniquely me. The silver dress slacks, black shoes, with the black ribbed sweater, and a powder blue oxford shirt underneath that isnt tucked in so you see the two flaps hanging below for a spice of color, and the unbuttoned collar framing me. Also I ordered ULTRA blue contacts...that will perfectly match the shirt...I ordered them for eyes that are dark colored so they are designed to take brown eyes to for green eyes...should be an extreme statement...The Carribean Ocean isn't as blue. :-)
SO...I am now gonna call the date for the night to arrange the pick up. Taking about a hundred dollars to ensure this is a night that leaves nothing to want.
Any how it is a celebration, of friendship, and crushes...of refocusing life...of freedom, and independance...of a new home life, and...a Saturday. :-) This has been a fabu time lately I must say, David is 21 now...:-) so I shall introduce him to the favorite martini that is my night.
Cross the fingers, wish me luck...and I hope you too have a night to remember. Seize the day, and in doing drunk with the love of life.

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