Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

It all came down to today....

So alot of issues are apparently resolved. The big bad annoying one that I am most upset over is now answered. I have an email from my landlord and I am afraid to open it. BUT I know at least I have an answer to my future.

I went to Charter and completed my interview and drug test. I have their offer letter on my desk and fully anticipate ariving July 18 to begin my job. I took care throughout the week to be prepared and avoided situations which might affect my ability to pass this drug test. I am confident of the result.

So...the internet will no longer be the source of my funds to live on. Sonata U turned a $21,000 revenue in its 6 months of operation. Here in the past 2 weeks with the new sales format we have done 0 sales but at least I am not dealing with eBay. I tried to win several projects on for web sites and they have all concluded not in my favor. But I am new there and it will be a learning curve of sales.

My roommate is aware fully now....that I expect her to meet all of her expenses. She is formating a job plan and lets hope it bears fruit very soon. This has really strained our friendship but can be easily fixed with her employment.

And obviously I retouched a long love of mine this week. I am balancing the swell of emotion with the success that has been earned by friendship.

The most recent EX asked about dinner tonight and I had honestly just eaten in the car ride home from the interview. I am still wary of allowing too much trust anymore.

I guess I shall read the email soon about my status of living in this building.

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