Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

And the Band Played on....

This picture encompases me now.  I really never used it much at all because it didn't portray the smile and the laughing that I want to leave in mind.  Sometimes it is worth being serious and thoughtful of the times.

So I told Selena to begin acting as if August 5 was the last day.  I confirmed a hotel for 2 weeks from now in Chicago.  I am in the process of obtaining a second vonage phone number that would be local to Chicago to aid in the job searches.  I also posted on my roommate willingness, and plan to check out an apartment up there.

We are planning a final regala.  Sometime in the next three weeks on a Saturday night we will invite as many of the people who were part of what made this space home. 

I walked around tonight talking to the roomie.  Selena and I have had our fights lately but the end all reason was just that I knew she was capable of more.  I remember she was one of the first guests we ever had here at 206 back in the beginning.  We together have been here throughout our friendship.  I pointed out dings in the wall and can remember what happened.  I remember so many interesting nights.  Brandon, Nathan, Don Scott, Robert, Jimmy, Arty, Shane, Ronald and Selena were my copilots.  Each brought a uniqueness to the home and each contributed memories.  Selena and I are collecting pictures taken in the apartment over these years. is going to serve as the final resting place of my early to mid twenties.  I turn 27 next month and suppose I'll be somewhere else for the first time? this is where I am thinking I may end up.  Anyhow....thats the news.

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