Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


4048-4058 North Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60613

This is my "virtual" chicago number and expected addy. Right now it directs to Louisville...but we are getting closer to the opposite.
:-) I had an idea to stop the eviction and help wrap up this little tiff. BANKRUPTCY. :-) Seriously, meeting with a lawyer tomorrow. Now this will NOT keep me in Louisville obviously but it will prevent any court orders for garnishment or me paying for her attorney and court costs. She is gonna have to front that bill on her own and then I can turn around .... and have two thousand dollars that she would have taken ready for Chicago. Also selling my car CTA trains fullfill that need and a car would just be an annoyance of parking. Plus the bluebook says about $3000 would be raised to be added to my current $1000 in funds....then I decided I don't want anything in my apartment but my laptop, cats, pictures and the cuter clothes. I am not taking a glass, mirror, or bed......plan to give it to friends or sell it my last week at a yard sale at my dads...:-) To me its all just bulk and staying here.

I AM RETURNING TO THE BEGINNING....just alittle more experienced.....with each memory and person cherished. Even the most recent ex. ( who can't read this ... I dont think. ) lol. I am an optimist who doesn't worry about stuff and a dreamer.

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