Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

19:29 Wednesday Recap

Alrighty. So I had some bets on the way tings might progress last night and I was tossed a curve of surprise. David couldnt spend the night cause he had a 8am school thing to hit. That is understandable but also could have been an easy way out of telling me "no." So I just asked him...."do I hit on you too much?" No is flashed back to me. I mean...if the idea of beyond close friends is or isn't in his goals....I am gonna have to figure out. Cause I found myself jealous last night by a guy that even Asia noticed the advances. Sadly I didn't think he was hot, and so I expressed that notion after I decided to force a small departure of the Carlysle people. We'd been there an hour and I think I had gotten 10 minutes in of hey how are you with David so I just walked on out and figured I'd make my escape. I wasnt trying to show I was mad, cause most people know that if I get ruffled I dont hide it. SO at least I wasnt trying to make a scene.
But David noticed my exit and came out after. I made a joke about the guy and rubbed David's back like he had and then I was exposed. But his reaction is intriguing. So he explains that he was just getting info on something that he had been wanting to know. And thats what he was in the conversation over. "He gave me his number before but I never called it." was mentioned to me to further lower the anxiety levels and then I just explained that I am kinda telling him where he stands and as long as I don't know exactly his thoughts I just dont know. He is supposed to call today to explain stuff. My thing, it is 5 years now and I know each of us cares a lot but I need a resolution on what he once called "more than friends" while we were walking around one day. Cause I agree that is true...

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