Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I see right through to you...................................................................

This is being edited several hours after sobering an attempt to present a more controlled festival of "points of order" as I kept noting them last night.

2 Things....ONE

I got paid for a web site. only 500 dollars for the weekend. To design a shopping cart. QandA Web Solutions offers this initial statement to the public....

We appreciate the affirmation offered by a stranger. You wont be dissatisfied. This will hopefully begin the journey to leave this DAY'GO Slum of a crapola town. May you and your nappy roots prosper as we quickly make a dash for the rest of humanity. Stay away....this town is as shady as the park bushes and as proper to talk about ... as the same. Nappy ass Louisville :-) Sorry...Louisville people are reading this and saying NO.....our second class, third rate city is worth it! :-) Ask yourself if you have any future beyond three years here. If your unemployed....get off my journal and find a job application cause I am sooooooooo over the unprecidented amount of nonself helpers. "but you've been unemployed for 7 months" was one claim. And yes...but did you make $22,000 dollars, secure a $500 web design client this weekend and look for a new job? NO YOU DIDNT. ( this statement applies to 50% of this shitty town).


The Louisville people: cut in a downward motion with hot water surrounding the wound. The across motion only allows an easy fix with stiches and unneeded attention. You need to skip ahead and find an exit here or just grab that razor blader and find some dignity.

Outside of Louisville: you think I have gone way to far and maybe but honestly I am dissatisified with a large percentage of aspects right now within the way I wish to see reality. ################### sorry for that brief intermission.

Had to call 3 people before I finished this and express that "86 a bunch of Louisville" is the secret to happiness. If I needed another reason to say "Fuck this backwards,

86 a bunch of LOUISVILLE

I am positive I know I could be there too. I see right through to you. Your every move. See.....your every move.

That is my song. And I just want to express......

I may be drunk as a skunk.....BUT I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH YOU ALL OR THIS SECOND CLASS CITY! Honestly if I were a fool I'd expect more, but lets just call a point of order and notice I am looking for the exit sign.

SO........................6 or 7 shots and I finally realize.... I see right through to you. Whether on purpose, fear, replacement or disregarded tonight I decided that reciprication was the key to future interaction. And you wonder how I would want to move. :-)

Now that I have expressed my opinion to you all, 3 others....and called one more person I want to note..."It is easy....Everything is easy." Place your longing to another side, love is an every changing situation and the magic has died. It is easy as life! Try not to think how much you want him here...let your emotions die! Nothing in life is sane. My heart will never stop beliveing in what love can do. All I have to do is pretend I never knew you. Better to have lost you when the ties are barely binding. Let my strings slowly disappear....and there is only one ... which I dont want to try any more. the person you are interested acting the same as you? IF NOT....get a clue and survive! Your one of the few left that believes in what love can do....hurry!!!!!! find a place where your heart can be safe! It will never run true here......

And now I am off to return my dignity! Greatest love of happening to me! I found the greatest love of all inside of me!

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