Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

How wonderful life is now your in the world.......

"And now Matt will express life after his drunk cussing fit ... in song." LOOKING FOR THE REASON, ROAMING THROUGHT THE NIGHT TO FIND MY PLACE IN THIS WORLD. Not alot to lean on, ... Nicole: You'd think that people would have had enough of silly Love songs Ewan: I look around me, And I see it isn't so, no Nicole: Some people wanna fill the world with silly Love songs Ewan: Well, what's wrong with that? I'd like to know, Cause, here I go again! Love lifts us up where we belong, Where eagles fly on a mountain high Nicole: Love makes us act like we are fools, Throw our lives away, For one happy day Ewan: We could be heroes, Just for one day Nicole: You, you will be mean Ewan: No, I won't Nicole: And I...I'll drink all the time Ewan: We should be lovers Nicole: We can't do that Ewan: We should be lovers, And that's a fact Nicole: Though nothing will keep us together Point being....LOve is easy ... when you have NO expectations of it being anything. BUT...the time when you want things to assume the destiny you foresee as the crest of the heights above, you're going to find how shallow this fluid emotion can become.........I do not mean to be bitter or unappreciative of life but honestly I expected a tad more of life and the ones I seek out to act out the feelings of mutual support. I mean, I am not asking that you support me financially. I don't want a big house, nor do I want fame and I don't want the earth to stop for my arrival. All I ask in payment of my all consuming devotion and idealistic worship is affirmation that I am not throwing pearls to swine. :-) Thats the secret. To any ex BF or anyone who never made it to the BF the boys ahead, ... If you show me that I rank in your hierarchy of priorities, you'll find that I want probably be a tune to meet that rank. If you start to show a lack of interest...I'll quickly find someone who has interest.

The Garden Metaphor

 Apply this to anyone in life...relationships are like gardens that require maintenance and attention. You must protect them from pests, nurture them in their youth, avoid over-exposure...this will reward you a harvest. But neglecting this garden will allow weeds that cut off your cultivated plant...ending in its death.  Sure you can forget a few days and it shouldn't be an obsession...but if you aren't interested in working towards reaping this harvest expect the dented old items picked through in the supermarket.

End of my rant...don't expect this garden to produce.


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