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piss ass day.

Welp sorry no conquering words really right now.  I had a rather shitty ass day.

All roommates are gone now. Course our obligations that mounted aren't...but I am the best of the three to face it.  Still no roommate has offered any money towards the electric aspect since about May...and then the other has never contributed.. so I found myself up and at the utility paying them 204 dollars, annoyingly....I paid them 220 2 weeks ago. But they can't ask for much now.    So I came home and waited for Enrique Iglesias to shut up while I sat in my bedroom.  Annoyingly that chunk of change was ear marked for the Chicago departure fund.  But I revised some stuff on my site and am hopefull regarding the prospects.  I mean...after all that is what paid the electric bill.  As I was looking at my bank report online I noticed that Fifth Third decided to approve the reoccuring billing expenses I have incured for my advertising...even after I was over drawn.  But it is nice to know that they got their $300....scratch that off my side of the board.

I got bored and decide to go somewhere anywhere.  Walked out to my car (drum roll) but it apparently had an appointment! Cause I didnt find it where I left it.  No news on that venture. At this exact moment I really am more focused on my web sites and bringing in cash flow. Starting work next week ... looks as if I will not need the oil change after all.  Called the impound lot, they were I left it at that. What can I do?  Either they have it and it will be another $150 away from my escape plan OR I'll find it at a pawn shop like I did last time it was stolen THIS YEAR!
God, I need to talk to you over here. Seems you have my attention finally. Good one God, didn't expect that one. But, Oh Lord...  Either way it is irrelevant cause the fact remains it is out of my control and apparently only my breaking down will settle for the wages of you getting off your psycho old testament style. I will deny you and any other, the joy of knowing I am planning anything less than beating this and you.  Rather expenive day that I wish I'd have skipped. Seem to be missing a vehicle, $500 ... and my afterlife. Fuck it. I am here, this is now, and today is my battle.

I haven't mentioned exactly the site I am glad to be  A greeting card company's site.  I was like...peice of cake, no problem.  Then got the images, and as a gay male I have never seen a birthday card with a vagina and have more str8 porn I still have a crap load more gay... strick that thought.  Point. Know that the picture with the cigar in it... is work, not play. is nice still to have no roomies.  Rely on none and you'll be surprised how high you can climb. I have a lot of cleaning up to do and I am not even talking about the mess inside the house.  BUT...keep'em coming cause I am about determined to claim victory if it kills us all.  

I say again from my past entry.   Let me fall, let me climb.  There is a moment when fear and dreams must collide.  Someone I waiting for my courage, the one I want.  The one I WILL becomeThe ONE I want to catch me.   There is no reason to miss this chance, let me fall.
Stand aside...Matt Leffler is still going to fight every moment. If anyone can resolve this, I will. That is the only lesson I will accept from this. In this minature world of mine I'll be more likely to demand victory with my last breath than to raise the white flag and at the rate things are...well right about now I just have my health and that damn annoying confidence. My mood word was selected very deliberately.

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