Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

On the Air

It's Easy. No No No Noooooooooo.........everything is easy. Nothing's wrong. - It's Easy.

So I felt a week and a half was needed to cease my expression until I had something better to note. Honestly I have no clue what tomorrow brings. I do know that the new job is right on track. 30 days minimal needed for promotion is attractive. The notion that we are computer techies and will find a way around anything...thus we can do anything. Chat, surf, long as we help people. Signed up for my stock options, got the health care, dental, vision all squared away.

I've greatly enjoyed working with the dear ole' neighbor. Must admitt I was starting to rely upon him more than my alarm clock to wake me. The apartment hunt is on! I am playing and tinkering with the notion of pursuing a life round here? Maybe purchase a condo with my friend Greg. Been friends for years and he is a stable force who didnt bend with the strongest blows. I know I wouldnt be interested in living in an apartment for another 6 years. At the end you have nothing to show for your work.

Went to Kareoke (sp) and enjoyed a disproportionate amount of Whitney Houston songs. :-) Also had lunch with david and the work crew and gearing up to hit the bars tomorrow night.

Of course interested in David but also interested in new prospects that seem to have been recently visible from afar in the distant reaches of the outskirts of Kentucky. There's a fine fine line between love and a friend. There's a fine fine line....between love and a waste of your time. Avenue Q!

Closed and finished the porn site and gained the $250 for the job this week.

OH.....and reattained my vehicle. Not feeling like going down that long as explaination.

I think the added structure is beneficial. But people who know me arent really understanding that about 10 hours a day are now removed from the former free time. BUT...thats alright. It is alright.

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