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3:19 David is MIA. Derrick became the secondary he is generally the primary maybe which you I've learned is the historic find another person, which he stuck to his historical background. David...this is why we are four years into whatever we have and we are just more than friends. I'll make a great deal of this and he'll be sure to suggest a fix...and I'll tell him to meet me at a restuarant and then head to the bar. And forget any prmoises I easy for everyone else...why should I always be the one you can expect to be in the wings. By the time someone looks to the wings...I'll be the one on stage with a better act than I had planned.:-)
Which is where I am off too now. In pursuit of the next door neighbor. :-) Luckily I have a bomb proof ego, and I know when I go to the bar anyone on my shit list will see me in the swarms of others ... and I cant remind them that yet again...I pick up and find a position that is as glorious as my goals.
:-) One of my friends tells isnt is the guys I go for. The shitty Still love D and know that this isnt the end, just the beginning of an unplanned night. :-)
Arty moves in tomorrow, so chalk this one down as my chapter 3 sign off...and the entrance to a new domain.

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