Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

I think I want to run...

Aug 20 2005 I turn 27. Also Aug 20 2005 a run is being hosted benefits go towards Blind preschoolers at Bellarmine College. A noble champion on my Bday. I havent ran a race in about 5 years, but I feel some getting back to my roots is in order.:-) Time to start training a tad.

Any locals wanna jog?

Also as I plan further for this impending move I was reviewing my options for internet service. 512 Kbps 6 Mbps is now available from Insight. ( Charter offers 256 Kbps / 3Mbps ) so that is impressive.

I believe I am going to bow out from the bar scene for a bit.

And .... network stability was questionable this weekend after one of my wireless router's went down. My vonage line uses that (which I think is a great deal!!) but... it was effected. I still havent gotten my voicemails caught up since Friday. BUT...anyhow....I must sleep.

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