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Target Aquired

ASIA...this weekend, saturday night I meandered through the bar looking for a certain someone I had high hopes about...mindful that those high hopes were once the focus....of a missed target...then I stood in the Showbar and she performed.... after the bar I bounced into her apartment with the new target sleeping in my house and exclaimed to her "You have been upgraded from sainthood to diety!"

So I breifly mentioned in my last post a notation that someone has sparked my interest. I'd note that I am raising my interest in him now enough to drive 77 miles for a day with him on Thursday. He was here Saturday night and the standing side by side, leaning into one another and the hand touching the side when talking served to melt my defenses and further raise my high opinion. Asia noted the smiles and good mood we were in the next morning as I rushed off to work and to return him to his friends.

Such similiar backgrounds. Such the perfect essence of the guys that I am attracted too both in body and discussion. I've hung on the words we speak on the phone, analyzed the actions we've done. Proclaimed that we are breaking the rules of the game...and how refreshing it is not to be playing that game. Derrick asked how old he was...."old enough to know where I've been, know where he wants to be...and to discuss the loyalty and lack there of in relationships." plus....he is older than D so....not that bad.:-)
I would say I am spell bound, or enchanted...but with him in mind...I'll use the word: charmed.

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