Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

So did I mention I got pissed at web host company #2 for the and sites and while the sites were down over 2 to 3 days I built and configured my own server?
Seriously....I dont mean I got a new host. When you type or you now access my desktop directly. you can run a ping on those addresses and the ip returned is mine here in Louisville, KY. Which is hot, cause now I have host company #1, #2 and then there is my desktop with all the room and pretty sweet speeds. for instance opens my music folder. All you need is a password to access. SO...I have my music available to me, anywhere...
The implications are fierce. Cause what I now have available to me is equivalent to 20 times the best hosting plan....that costs $40 a month...and its 1/20 the space I now have, server offers mysql,php and such just as they. I even have my mail server, ftp server and telnet servers setup under the http service.
This also allows me to host any number of domains and sub domains at no cost. Its as easy as making a new folder on my desktop. Speeds??? just tested with a 3578 kbps down, and 359 kbps up should be switched (directionally) when considering that your accessing the net the opposite direction. Point being? when you download the ftp client at I just got a 160 kbps connection....which is good enough...downloaded 3 mbs in 10 secs.

ANYHOW...I have trouble getting to work on time. SO I am off...

Point of doing this? Actually not much right now. Just did it ... to do it. But now I have

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