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Alright maybe I can do this better the second time. You is like this journal...if it disappoints you, you can rewrite it. So here goes:
David was missing in action. Probably one of he endearing traits about always miss what isnt there....and as my most recent ex and I is easier to care about someone from a far.
The night was two Matts. One that was fanfare fabulous...and one that was looking for a fight based on the disappointment of the date.
Derrick already got apologized I was shitty to him and he took it with more class than I employed.
Saw the second ex Bf...still a cutie, sorry to his BF I had to lick his
I again spilt more than I drank...thank god for that.
To Derrick...:-) Your right this is why single life is attractive, you dont have to put up with someone else's pissyness. To forgot your place and your mission...being a non-welcoming person is the best way to be an unwelcomed person.
So...I am off to work in a bit. I handed out cards like kisses last think anything that has my name on it, and in some instances people I wish had my name on them are a distinctions I need to remember better.
So....on with the show! I am off to the bar tonight with the new roommate that make this the 4th night in 5 that a martini glass and the kindness of strangers is my strength.

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