Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

opulence abounds

So beyond looking like a total dork....Halloween was fun.  Brent (mentioned earlier in the journal as the center of the universe) and I are out at the wonderful Connection.  We went as "commandos" we had the face paint (wore off by picture time) and grabbed Asia for a quick snap shot.  SO I just wanted to stop off and add that things continue to forge forward on a path of continued highs and improvement.

1. Brent

What can you say about a person who drops from the sky and changes your life? Smoking is now an after thought and removed from my daily life. Coca Cola is gone from my fridge as he pushes the marvels of water. My desires our focused, my visits to the bar are fleeting as the spectacle of waste turns me off. 

2. Home - So my mother has extended the time that I can live here in her rental house.  I'll be here till April at least and am supposed to use these months to save for a deposit to buy the house from her at a handy price.  3 bedrooms, garage, finished basement (where I reside and refer to as "The Bunker")

3. Job - Still at Charter.

4. SU - Back

And thats the story for now....


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