Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

A note to congress

SO A NOTE TO MY U.S. REPRESENTATIVE............................(she's a bitch)

Ms. Northup,

I wish to first extend my sincere appreciation for the generic form letter you sent me before 2,000 soldiers had died in a war that has proven contray to the reasons your literature claimed. I'm looking forward to an equally wasteful expense in response to this note.

Jean Schmidt was my original reason for attempting to write but as here site protects against response from the public I will make my distaste for your party's positions. Hopefully she'll be voted out as your party loses control of the House this coming year due to mismanagement on all levels.

First off as a democrat I enjoy the acceptance of my party for being gay. Oddly my partner sides with your party and we often get into debates over why I still insist on keeping my Kerry bumpersticker. I reply with 2 easy points... 1. It proclaims I am not responsible for the state of domestic or foreign affairs. 2. I'm proud of my party not being like the GOP and waging a war against anyone not a christian conservative with an ignorance tolerance.

So keep up the great GOP job! I am sure I'll enjoy voting against you for the fourth time. Don't rest too long on your record...rememnber you almost lost the last election to a guy who had no experience in any office. May your retirement come swiftly!


Matthew Leffler

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