Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


LIVE FROM ROOM 356 WARD D AT THE BETTY FORD CLINIC YOUR HOST OF "LAST NIGHT'S REPORT" Matthew: I detox from my 3/4 of the past few nights drunk out...and I must report I noticed I have multiple stamps still visible on my hands.
Last Dance- song drove me crazy because of a prior story. Arty dressed up so I wore a tie too....we looked like Mormon boys. But it apparently worked well as Arty was wiping kiss marks off my check from one of the drag queens that offered to marry me.
I ran into several old flings...and one even drew me into the bathroom where I plead the 5th from any further discussion, but the time I missed of the show was so much better spent in making out with an old friend.
Lets just say that I was in rare form and I enjoyed my butt off. We fled the connection to make a clean break before the drag queens could find us, but as we ate our White Castle the phone rang and rang and we sat on the floor hiding from the windows. Was good to see so many of the gang...including Selena an ex roommate who was walking around nursing a really a doll.
I am gonna take a couple seconds off of my bar scene activites....but I am looking towards Lexington or Nashville very soon...Arty has never been to either and since those people see me less...I seem to have a better rep.
Anywho...back from wicks pizza and now trying to manage the cats into liking each other.
Stay cool all.

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