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Buzz words used this evening are in ""

So Josh invited me out to join him on the Gallery Hop which is an event where downtown art galleries remain open through extended hours and people mingle amongst this "exuberant" festival.  I quickly became reminded of the "pretensious" people of my orientation, the over the hill and nothing to offer but $$, and the old friends of realism.  I was also faced with a question that I honestly am handicapped with....what is art?  Say I take an old bedspread and paint it this art?  Or I take a series of trashy pictures of the city and put them up on laminated posters with a pink background and a rainbow framing a red neck looking girl?

One thing that defines me is that I through it all have never given way to the pretensious.  They have invited me before to events but I just can't bring myself to go.  The positioning and postering of attempting to build one self up though the demolish of others is not a sport to me.  Further I am not impressed by articles of fanfare offered by individuals such as Marlin.  Instead I remember that he was a detractor to my relationship with someone else....for no reason other than the fact that I wont give stock into the idea of A list being anything more.....than Z list.  Way back the days of Denise Lally and Jordan Lamick I and my BF Brandon were invited to these people's homes but early on both Brandon and I agreed the crowd to hangout with was in fact the very opposite people.  The people that weren't invited to Jim Mark and Larry's were the people worth hanging out with.  And this disdane has cost me social standing amongst the self proclaimed elite.   Well I welcome the distinction of not being defined by the factors of their group and rather defined by the times I've enjoyed.  I'd bet to a great degree that people like "Thomas's gang" are much more prone to suicide than the rest of us.  WHY?  The stress of destroying each other for personal gain.  These factors are why I am absent from these poor attempts to strike a pose.

And why should anything matter when I have something they dont???  I mean I may be crazy and I may be whatever is said....but I make crazy faces and have the time of my life with a boy they can only attempt vainly to pay for....:-)

And what is art?  To me it is the emotion or message portrayed.  If it is created in the attempt to be art it is not art.  Alot of what I saw tonight didnt say anything to me....luckily what did say something to me was worth the visual moments. 

I honestly enjoyed the outing.  I got to see others that I know are real...:-)  relive happy times of years past with friends long parted.  I missed my baby.  And I was reminded of the rat race of which some would think I lost....but I like to remember that I never set out to be anything other than who I am and what I am.  :-)

I forget his name....he does webpages or something ...Josh maybe???  I think of him as an example of what I see as a wasted individual who will never feel the joy I do.  And what dealings do I have with him?  We exchanged conflicting views ONCE on Derrick's journal....and ever since then from what I saw I resisted mentioning Hello.  

So moral of the story.  Just as art attempting to be art is fake and lacks substance, a person who is attempting to be popular lacks substance and is only popular within that superficial realm.  I may not be a quilt painted green....but then I never attempted to be.  :-)


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