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This past week in Matthew Leffler:


Brent has been here for spring break and we've been enjoying our time.  I cooked dinner on the grill couple nights ago but my over use of lighter fluid evoked Brent's vomiting reflexes, my mother threw here food away and then I survived with Pepto Bismal.  It did have a heavy petro taste....and the grill did continue to burn hours and hours beyond the time we had finished cooking.  Moral of the story...Matt cares more about fire than food taste so grill privileges are revoked.


So on with the story....


So we went out Wednesday night.  All in all it was a good time.  We started at Tink's then hit Q and ran into Mark, Greg and Shane...things go foggy from there...I do recall I was told apparently by bar staff to give my keys to another driver....Brent took care of those duties from there.


Oscar....Brent's X still sends him text messages.  I told Brent that ignoring him would stop that...but now 6 months into our relationship he still acts like they just broke i sent a text reply to his latest greeting.


I received an interesting email.  Which I do admit was flattering..."Long have I loved you, often as a brother, and often, something more.  I send these poems, favorites of mine, as if only to blow you a kiss, as the man (the boy I once knew!) to encourage you, to let you know I care, though you know me not, and alas, never did.  Be strong, and carry on.  You make me proud, if nothing else." then several nice poems.  Thanks if you are reading this...the sender is unknown.


Job interviews.....:  Had another today, one yesterday, .... so confident something is building.


Brent is jogging right now.  Love him Love him.  Bout 6 months now...and I couldn't imagine a better 6 months.  Highs out number the lows.  BUT...the little tart is going to be changing his plans for the summer with he will be in Chile from May to August.  :-(  Oh wells....I'll be here when he gets back.....and hopefully have a wonderful tan and kick ass abs.

OH.............AND FELLOW 3rd District democrats.  FYI   ....   Andrew Horne, an Iraq war veteran is taking on Anne Northup.  Don't talk bad about a veteran....:-)



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