Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

"Time Off"

Welp, I don't think the notion of Time Off is adequate after dating almost 6 months. Time a fancier way of being a coward and retreating into the shadows or a method to place another person on hold in an effort to fact find what other options you have available. Thus....Time me isn't a vacation but Laid Off. ( in multiple ways) If in fact Time Off was all that was wanted then one would think that the time aoart over 3 months when the other is in another hemisphere that...might stand as time off.
But it is all fine and dandy. No drinking was involved in this last event. It was brought up over pillow talk that quickly turned to my serious face of no warmth.
SO......lets not sulk any further over the passing of something that history should have taught us wouldn't last.........Da Buzz has new songs out!!!!!!!

Da buzz - Wanna Love You Forever
- Last Goodbye
- How could you leave me

..... Gotta love these people. Always in step.

So I had my latest interview Friday. Also picked up an ap for Smokey Bones is a nice resturant thats hiring and so I figured I could at least grab a job that is easy cash and can become a 2nd job once a permenate is found.

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