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Your Stripper Name is: Princess

Your Band Name is:

The Furious Panties

They really have me on a fem swing...
So Da Buzz's new music is pretty good. Oddly it is all breakup oriented i think. "I'm taking all my breathe could you leave me? When you were here it was fine." It is good music to surround oneself. oro "I can take, I can make it. I'm dangerous. All the things are gone, what a waste of time. Now I'm searching for the glory of my soul." "i change my direction I'm ready for action." available at "Dangerous </div>

remember it is Da Buzz....which I've loved for years.

Not that I have any real reason to be pissed at anyone. Disappointed sure. So I'll be sure to state that my opinion of Brent is still high. I just wasn't banking on another 6 month relationship to add to the heap of exs. XBF8
Let's bring in the role call: XBF1=Kevin, XBF2=Josh, XBF3=Brandon, XBF4=Anson, XBF5=Derrick, XBF6=Brian, XBF7=Ron, XBF8...welcome to the guild.

So I dropped off a resume at a little resturant with the notion to get a part time job serving....this should provide the 200ish a week I need in fun money. I have my 3rd and final interview for Manpower doing technical support...( I think at Chase?) something....that is tomorrow with the training classes starting 4/10 so that should begin providing the support fundage.

Otherwise....nothing further to report. Other than....the close of the current chapter brings another new chapter, another new experience, more rants, more raves, promises, scandals and goals.

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