Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Mad Cows

As if McDonald's wasn't good enough:

1 tenth of one percent of cows will soon be tested against mad cow disease. That is the soon to be fact by our USDA.:-) While we have found one already with our dismally low standards here in America...and have no idea where it came thing is for sure: Now that we test less, we'll find less.:-) SO THAT SETTLES WELL. :-)

And then there was the president's comments today regarding Iraq: "Helen, excuse me....excuse me....just a second please....excuse me...." :-) poor guy was pushed around heavily by an elder grandmother journalist.

Such an orator. :-)

CHARTER WEST - BA Merchant Services. So I am expecting the call now after my 3rd and final interview with BA = Bank of America. As we discussed my previous job the interviewer told me that I'll see familiar faces. She said..." I heard about some sales thing" and so we have a lot of charter people. call it....Charter West. :-) I should start there either the 27th or the 10th. From there...based on performance and such I have multiple avenues of advancement....similar to Charter's. Further just as at Charter they have average handle times ( which they're 2nd interview included a test simulation thingy that marked me as "exceptional" and they have adherence to no real changes there.

and finally for something of little or no substance:

On Average, You Would Sell Out For


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