Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Matthew Leffler and Brent JonesMe and Brent out and about this weekend.  His is the million dollar smile....
Legacy Matt Leffler

So the long time home planet on the web of mine will soon need migration from it's hostingplex server to the qaweb server.  I think I am gonna merge it with and start a new site.  Thus Legacy Kymatt19 is soon to become the term in my head for the previous installments of more than just my website.  To a degree, I see its change building along with my life's.  To think only 6 months ago I was at a personal low regarding goals...and then the world changed.  I think I have the Marsh job.  They called and said they wanted to offer me the position and are peiceing together the employment offer.  I faxed in the confidentiality papers and stuff today and have a prospective start date of the 24th if all things work out.  The effect of the position mentally will be monumental.  Returns of self respect as well as the ratification of the notion that I was too good for these 10 or 12 dollar an hour jobs is now in the near horizon.  Marsh will exceed in salary any position I've held and the title sounds better than the "technical support" one of my current and previous job.    Support Analyst in a downtown highrise ....
Matt Leffler's work                     The far left picture would have been taken from the place I'd live.

To add to this new horizon I am aggressively attempting to move into an old 1920's highrise thats 19 floors called Kentucky Towers.  Its simple and affordable plus I always liked the layout of their corner 2 bedroom 2 bath apartments.  Plus there is something about working literally across the street.  I am envisioning sitting in my bedroom looking out across the view only a 15 story window can offer.  The quiet night looking down on the masses....:-)  I'm just pleased with the situation.  Again....Legacy Matt Leffler.  The old is gone.

As for my dear darling ever important to my life Brent....he is with his parents for Easter weekend, then here for thunder over louisville then....gone for 3 months in Chile.  I'll miss him but I know when he gets back...the desire to be near each other will be there and hopefully his negative influences that push towards a hetersexual masquerade will be mute.  Since his outing his family has been less than stellar on there acceptance and more of a hinderance to the life I'd like to have.  BUT...this is a posting about opportunity...and in the spirit of such: Brent has an opportunity to build his self worth and tackle a tough challenge.  His parents have the opportunity to realize that nothing changed, except that he isn't sheilding his true self.  I have an opportunity ... to grow from the relationship grow within the relationship.  Either way my life is pointed up.  Going my way?


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