Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

A week down

So after the first week of work I am pretty happy with the scenario. So comfortably settling into the sphere of Marsh.

Brent came and had a surprise and yet final ( till August ) visit on Wednesday. It was good to see him of course. Course I was pissed when this guy who has been floating around "Tink's" for months and seen us together for months was circling around him for a couple hours. :-) I referred to him as "The Satelite" others referred to him as Taylor some straighish claiming boy. I grabbed brent at one point and was like...." Brent we need to do this right now." and started making out with him with The Satelite in orbit steps away....David acted out the phrase "marking your territory"...course none of these factors deter apparently in the gay community cause Brent still had to tell him he had a boyfriend when his friend finally approached him. To say the least I was annoyed. On multiple levels I was ticked at this guy. BUT...Brent shot him down and the night progressed.

Speaking of Brent he forgot his passport and is now in a mission to get a replacement in days. He should be in Chile now but is with his family. Which after he said that " I know God did this for a reason, protecting me from something that I may never understand." after he said that I was like....darn it yeap he is with his parents. God is now in the business of coordinating people's lost passports. No offense but its hard to counter the superstition and mystic mentality of Eastern Kentucky. The location of the sun can be proven to have as much effect as God on a lost passport. Point to this tangent...I'm hoping he breaks outa that influence and off to Chile. Christianity is a form of mysticism :-)

Obviously Brent makes up 90% of my mind right now. I hope things progress so that he finds himself and the confidence to break from the well meaning but narrow minded points of view he has around him 80% of the time. even with these influences he is still what he is ... so I'm hoping he embraces the 20% influence since it supports him 100% in being who he is....

Welp....nothing else for now.

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