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As the new year is unwrapping, I feel content in the opening. Not over joyed because my powerball ticket wasn't the plans I had for it. thing is right still this year is the year I dedicate to finding my way.
I dream the impossible dreams. I bank in embraces of others instead of an account and I honor my mistakes that I have made.
Someone is on our side. :-) Just in case you forgot. While it may be hard to see the light, never let it go...because we can make it right. When your way up high and you look below at the world you know just a glance is enough to show you just how high you are. And your free to explore the world you never knew.
It is raining now...but you've got to let the sun shine through it. I am off to explore the avenues of laundry and plan to end my night with my gurl Lyza dancing at the bar. Yes I know that places isnt the cradle of love and life...but it is an avenue to escape for a moment to a world that is almost mythical. No place is good or is what you make it.

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